Rory McIlroy – An Acting Masterclass

Rory mcIlroyWhy a golfer should be qualified to give advice on interest rates and ISA’s is fairly baffling to begin with.

But as Rory McIlroy tees off in the US Open this week, I am staggered to see that Santander are still showing his car crash of an advertisement on television in the UK.

The world’s top golfer gives a performance that is so┬áspectacularly awful that one can’t help wondering if the director didn’t actually coach him to do it deliberately – perhaps by watching the classically glassy-eyed acting skills of Peter Cook in Bedazzled, or by sitting him down in front of a season of Steve Guttenberg movies.

By comparison, Jessica Ennis’s performance in the ad is positively Oscar-winning.

Apparently Rory has admitted that acting is not exactly his best asset. After one fan posted “McIlroy is a terrible actor” on Twitter, he simply replied “I have to agree.” At least he’s not in denial about it. Unlike Mr. Guttenberg.

Of course, McIlroy was formally with Nike. Anyone else noticed that the sports stars used by Nike are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment? Lance Armstrong? Oscar Pistorius?

Let’s hope that the curse of Nike doesn’t rub off on McIlroy and become the curse of Santander. Anyone got any good dirt on Jenson Button?