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tv bloggers mouthboxWelcome to the web channel of Mouthbox self proclaimed frog prince of the TV bloggers. This site is also home to the Mouthbox podcast, comic strip, regular opinion pieces and even the occasional music review.

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As TV bloggers go, Mouthbox is probably one of the more outspoken – his time working in the corridors of some of the best known production companies and broadcasters in the UK giving him marginally more insight into how telly is made than yer average sofa-bound wannabe.

For his sins, Mouthbox has been a senior web editor at the BBC, a comedy scriptwriter at Channel 4 and more recently a producer at Channel 5.

8 out of 10 TV bloggers prefer Mouthbox
Mouthbox is terminally bitter, deeply twisted, and he longs for the days when places like Television Centre were cathedrals of creativity rather than office blocks crammed full of pimple-faced bean counters. He also loves to write about himself in the third person and is adept at cynically cramming keywords into web copy, purely for the purpose of search engine optimisation. No matter how many other TV bloggers you read, you really should make time for the occasional visit to Mouthbox.

What people are saying about Mouthbox
Critic and raconteur Melton Thornaby writes: ‘Launching quietly and without ceremony in 2012, the Mouthbox TV blog presents an eminently readable stream of acidic television reviews, loud-mouthed opinion pieces and miscellaneous sharply written arguments on various media matters. Why this blogger has waited so long to share his sordid yet hilarious opinions with the world is a puzzle to me. In reviewing BBC1’s abysmal new sitcom The Wright Way recently he signed off by saying “If anyone happens to find Ben Elton’s Mojo, please be kind enough to put it in a jiffy bag and post it back to him immediately.”

Mouthbox’s recent review of Louis CK on the Fox Comedy channel concluded by saying “If you’re a living, breathing human being with a half-decent IQ, check out Louie. It’s almost worth staying alive for.” TV bloggers are rarely as smart as this. We should seriously consider the possibility that he is a national treasure.’

You can follow Mouthbox on his Twitter Feed, in his syndicated column at Squabblebox, or you can keep an eye on his Facebook Page